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Fight Summary
The final encounter takes place in a circular arena of comparable size to that of the Vale Guardian's. Matthias is the sole enemy in the arena and has characteristics of the Thief profession but is, thankfully, much larger than any player model. The encounter differs to past bosses in that it is not so much of a DPS check but rather, survival is the real challenge! The fight comprises 4 phases, each with totally different mechanics and takes place over the course of 10 minutes. Healing, reflecting, crowd-controlling, movement and ranged damage constitute the main requirements of the fight and, as such, teams should focus on compositions that provide all of these things.

ANetCameron wrote:
Tips for success against Matthias Gabrel:
Matthias is a strange man, who doesn't like to be disturbed. If you would visit his cliffside...
Courtesy Of Disorganized Crime

Fight Summary
The 1st encounter takes place in an arena covered in poisonous smoke that causes considerable damage which cannot be tanked for long. There is a single boss but he is accompanied by a considerable number of ranged trash mobs which can be easily countered with sufficient reflection/projectile destruction. The encounter is also extremely condition heavy, making classes with superior condition management obvious choices. The aim of the game is to temporarily clear portions of the smoke by eating the poisonous mushrooms emitting it while leading the boss around the arena attempting to mitigate the other sources of damage; all before he enrages after 7 minutes!

ANetCameron wrote:
For those who want something to copy-paste to groups, for easy strategizing:
In order of priority: 1. Don't pet the sloth too hard. 2. Don't pet...
Watch the Salvation Pass Cinematic
by The Guild Wars 2 Team on March 15, 2016

If you haven’t ventured into Salvation Pass, you can still watch a video of the cinematic! Learn the history of the brutal White Mantle cult, as well as the sinister forces that guided it 250 years in the past.

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