Vial of Salt

Vial of Salt is a laid-back community committed to clearing content across a variety of games such as Guild Wars 2, The Division, Overwatch and more!

Official Website with the download links:

Most if not all of the following features can be disabled.
- Configurable map-timer
- Fullscreen crosshair for your cursor
- Datafile of Crystalline Cache, Noxious Pods and Airship Cargo locations
- Gorseval and Sabetha cardinal directions displayed as an overlay.
- Timers for Sabetha cannons.
I'm sure there's more, these are the immediate features I've noticed.

The only important question? Is this legit? Is this against the EULA?
To the best of the creators knowledge? No. I've come to the same conclusion based on the libraries he released to the public. He only uses publicly released APIs from ArenaNET. The attachment below is the open-sourced libraries I reviewed.
You can download the latest compilation of the DPS meter here and you can find the source code here. I've gone over the source code and have concluded that it's legit and in no way breaks GW2 Terms of Service/EULA.

With the latest release they've fixed the crashing, everything appears to be running perfect at this point.

DPS Server IP:
Port: 1234

Required in-game settings: (Example/Gallery)

Options/Graphics Options:
  • Interface Size=Small or Normal
  • Resolution=Windowed Fullscreen

  • Text Size=Medium
  • Disable Timestamps

Chatbox/Combat Page/Options: Only Enable:
  • Outgoing Buff Damage
  • Outgoing Damage
  • Outgoing Mitigated Damage.
  • Make sure your combat log has more then 16+ lines and always visible.