Vial of Salt

Vial of Salt is a laid-back community committed to clearing content across a variety of games such as Guild Wars 2, The Division, Overwatch and more!

Hey everyone, it's Whoopsy/Destiny. This Tuesday (11/15/16) I'll be starting to recruit for our WoW raiding team: The Fighting Mongooses! I'll be making some forum posts, and looking for people in game. Our goal for now is to get a good community of people we enjoy, who are talented enough to clear heroic quickly each week. I do want to build this out to be a mythic raid team, but that will understandably take time. I'm more focused on building our community than getting into mythic ASAP.

That said if you would like to join us, we're playing horde on Stormreaver, but if you're on a different server please please reach out to me in discord (, I'd still love to have you. Even if you're in another guild, that's okay, as long as we can reach you in discord. Our raid times are Friday-Sat 9PM-12AM EST.

I'm looking forward to building out this side of our community, see you in game!
Hey everyone! Recently our guild missions have had their times shifted to Mondays at 8 PM EST. Along with the move, I'm excited to announce that we'll be holding a 100% free raffle via guild missions!

Here's how it works:

Every time you complete a guild mission with us you'll earn one "ticket". Bear in mind we usually clear 7-8 missions per night, and each individual mission merits one ticket.

Every four weeks, we'll hold the raffle, and all of your tickets will be used automatically.

The first 15 tickets get spent in a raffle towards a 100 gold prize! Even if you only have 3 tickets, you'll get 3 entries.

Every ticket after your 15th goes towards a 1600 gem prize! So if you have 18 tickets, 15 will go towards the gold, and 3 will go towards the gems.

As the month goes on, other donations may be added to these prizes, so they may get bigger! I'll make an edit if they do. Council members are eligible to "win", however if they do, they prizes will simply get added...
Whelp, apparently the post for this got deleted! Long story short you've got til next Tuesday (22nd to submit your shitty art contest post, with the theme "Shitty holiday ideas the dev's didn't run with". I assume most of you already know though!
Hey everyone, Destiny here.

I put together a jumping puzzle race with a glider as a reward, but it seems it was far harder than I anticipated (my bad). As such, I'm gonna leave the puzzle up for a month or so, take a picture with it and submit it here to get a special ts icon. Mesmers, gliders, whatever it takes is fair game. The puzzle starts south of the Central Hollow Waypoint. Good luck, have fun!
Welcome to the Vial of Salt Learning Raids. Let me start off by saying that these raids are to help people LEARN fights correctly, in a non-toxic environment, in roles they may be completely unfamiliar with, and educate them to be able to perform competently.

If this is something you're interested in attending/participating in please reply to this thread with your and raid-ready profession GW2 Efficiency links.
Hey all! I'm looking to see whose interested in a hero point farm train to get all the necessary hero points in order to get another profession's elite specialization unlocked to start raiding with, or just to have it completed! If we get enough attention on this, it'll definitely happen.

I'll create a poll on here. Please pick the appropriate option. We haven't picked a date yet; we're looking specifically to see general interest. Given the diverse schedule of raids, we'll try our best once we start planning this to avoid a raid schedule if we can.