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Sun @ 8-10 PM EST
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Apr 15, 2017
Guild Wars 2
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We are Team Alright, a static raid team dedicated to player and team growth.

Our goal is to help all our members become knowledgeable and efficient raiders. We encourage an environment where communication key and knowledge is freely exchanged.

We look for players that have not just a willingness, but an eagerness to learn and grow with us.


  • Any players interested in joining Team Alright will be asked to provide a GW2 Efficiency link to their raid-ready characters
    • One character in the correct full exotic gear (armour, weapons, and trinkets), build, food, and utility based on class/role

    • All team members must actively work towards the correct full ascended gear
  • A good understanding of your class/role rotation and mechanics
    • We are willing to teach our members the raid encounters but not basic rotations or crowd control locations
  • An agreeable attitude
    • An eagerness to learn
      • We want you to be as excited about raiding as we are
    • Receptiveness to criticisms
      • No team member is exempt from criticism
    • Be ready and willing to try different classes and roles

    • Intentional hostility directed at any team member will not be tolerated
  • Ability to communicate
    • Team Alright will be using the Vial of Salt Discord
If Team Alright sounds like an exciting fit for you, please do not hesitate to message our raid leader or any of our senior team members:

Orb of Light.8357

NOTE: Recruitment is currently closed.