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Tue & Wed @ 9-11 PM EST
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Mar 15, 2016
Guild Wars 2
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Your Raid Leaders



Raids are 9:00-11:00 EST, Tuesday & Wednesday

  • You should have full ascended for your primary spec, and at least ascended weapons and accessories for other specs or professions you plan on playing.
  • Consumables are required.
  • Have a mastery of one or more professions. Players with multiple professions will typically be preferred. The current content requires varying raid comps for each boss, so flexibility is a huge advantage.
  • Be able to accept criticism openly, and honestly. Problems in this team are addressed in Discord openly, with the earnest intent of helping people to improve ASAP, whether that be their performance, DPS, gear, spec, etc.
  • Inform either leader if you are unable to attend a scheduled night. The further in advance, the better. Obviously unexpected circumstances arise. In game mail to either of us is sufficient if we're not online.
  • Do your best to be available 10 minutes before raid. We try to pre-organize to maximize the time we've set aside for actual raid content, not squad building.
  • We do use DPS meters and Logs, a tutorial on how to set up ARCDPS can be found on the website. Do not be intimidated by these, the logs are only there to help you improve or show where you can improve upon. That being said, please review the logs since they are posted after every raid to see what you can do better on.

Raid Culture

In our team we adopt a no nonsense kind of attitude. We give each other a good amount of shit in the interest of progressing at a clip we're all comfortable with. That being said we keep things fair and positive, and understand new mechanics will take more than one pull to get down. If you wish to join, you must be able to take criticism and poke fun at yourself. We might act like a casual group, but we consistently clear all raid content within the 2 days we raid. Players unable to perform at a level required to clear content (whether it's a gear, skill, or profession issue) will find themselves losing spots in raid.

I have two major rules that I always bring with me wherever I go.

1: Check your ego at the door. It has no place in this setting. We're not the masters of our play style. I'm not the best at what I play, you're not the best as your class. We make mistakes; own yours. We're all learning the raid, and learning to coordinate with each other. Help each other, accept when you need help.

2: Have Fun. Do not forget we're playing a video game because we enjoy it. While we have a raid schedule, and we're working hard to achieve greater heights, do not lose sight of what the true goal here is. Things will get frustrating when trying to improve, and that's absolutely ok. The last thing i want this to turn into, though, is another job. If you're bored, if you're discontent with something, please speak up.

Hit me up in game: Itirys.9071. If I am offline, send me either an in-game mail or message me on Discord (I'll notice Discord first)! I'll be sure to review all applications thoroughly.