@GW2 Samarog CM Sign Ups

Discussion in 'Community Events' started by Zamorak Argetlam, Jul 23, 2017.

  1. Zamorak Argetlam

    Zamorak Argetlam Unsalted Providing Overwatch

    Please post available times for when you will be free for Samarog CM. I’m planning on starting on July 31st if we get enough interest.

  2. Destiny

    Destiny Briny Council GW2 Member WoW Member

    Any day that isn't Sunday night, any time.
  3. Pancake

    Pancake Unsalted GW2 Member

    I can be there.
  4. Assby

    Assby Contributing Salt GW2 Member

    Any time on the 31st works for me.
  5. Dr. Tuen

    Dr. Tuen Salty GW2 Member

    Any time works for me. IDK if Kaden has an account here, but I'll check in. He definitely wants in on it. If we need a fill to complete a team, Dasque (who has helped us before as Druid) is interested too.
  6. Itirys

    Itirys Salt Enthusiast GW2 Member

    Anytime on the 31st is good
  7. Pancake

    Pancake Unsalted GW2 Member

    I'll be around on the 31st