Pick Up Raid (Monday, June 12, 2017) @GW2

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    Please read about Pick Up Raids before continuing to read this thread and signing up.

    Time and Date
    Monday, June 12, 2017, 7-9pm EDT (starts one hour before server reset time)

    Raid Goal(s)* (from among these, no particular order)

    To sign up for this Pick Up Raid, please follow the template below:
    Account name:
    What would you like to be called:
    Classes/roles you would like to be put in:
    GW2 Efficiency link(s)**:

    Guide to acquiring GW2 Efficiency links.

    edit: fixed the server reset time line, sorry about that.
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  3. shinymeta

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    I'll be there :D

    Account Name: Shinymeta.7985
    What would you like to be called: Shiny
    Classes/roles you would like to be put in: Healing/Condi Druid, Condi Ranger
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    something about being called Pancake
    I'll do w/e you need ;)
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    OK, this raid is on for tomorrow. We are going to pick up a few stragglers, maybe some of our experienced raiders, and if need be we can pug a couple slots. We'll figure out roles tomorrow as well. Thanks to everyone who signed up, see you a little before 7 tomorrow.