Winter Frozen Trek!

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    "Burrrrrr!!!.....Its a bit cold outside......"

    You know what time of month it is! Grab your Snow Boots and Climbing Axes cause its gonna get cold and slippery.

    Winter Frozen Trek...Is this months Guild Hall Challenge. It's a good old classic Jumping Puzzle......Just your feet, and your gliders. No mounts/ No Oak Hearts/ No Skills!!! Other than your leet jumping skills.

    When/Time: 1/6/18 (Sunday) 8:00 EST (1 Hour before Guild Missions)

    Due to the holidays the date and time is going to be a little bit different this month. Usually its the last Sunday of the month before guild missions. This month its going to be the last Friday of the month. (PS.....If you can't make it let me know....If we get enough people gone we can reschedule.) I'm flexible!

    Snow Cover Loot:

    1st Place - Snow Diamond Infusion / 500 Winter's Day Gifts
    2nd Place - 500 Winter's Day Gifts/ 50 Snow Diamonds
    3rd Place - 250 Winter's Day Gifts/ 25 Snow Diamonds

    Everyone else that comes will receive a 25 Winter's Day Gifts as a door prize for coming out and having fun even if you don't win!

    "When the weather outside if frightful, but the fire is so delightful"....Ahemmm....Have a great holiday everyone! See you in a few weeks! Hohohohohohoho!!!
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